Jan 19, 2021 • 42M

Wisdom in an Ideological Age

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Alexander Kloosterman
Exploring what it means to live under the reign of Christ, and rule over creation in His name.
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Our world is  gripped by ideological thinking. Our public discourse is increasingly marked by polarization, tribalism, hostility, and the inability to have meaningful interaction with those we disagree with. With the aid of social media, we lock ourselves into echo chambers where our beliefs and caricatures of others are simply reinforced. Our public 'education' is increasingly ideological training. 

All of this pattern of behaviour is, in biblical terms, folly. The antidote is wisdom. 

The Gospel is the antidote to ideology, because it is the wisdom of God, and produces wisdom in us. Through the new birth, we are set free from our most enslaving biases, and given the capacity to see the world as it truly is, with Christ at the centre.