Jun 14, 2021 • 43M

The Sanctified Use of Satire

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Alexander Kloosterman
Exploring what it means to live under the reign of Christ, and rule over creation in His name.
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The Bible, not our own cultural and temperamental sensitivities, should inform how we speak to one another.

One of the oft-employed forms of speech used by God and his people is satire.

This form of speech is necessary in the face of pride, vice, and folly, and should be employed by Christians in a manner consistent with Scripture.

As Leland Ryken writes,

"... tone (the writer’s attitude toward the material) is crucial in satire.  Two modes of satiric attack exist:  satirists can either laugh vice and folly out of existence, or they can lash vice and folly out of existence. "

Christians, especially Canadians, are prone to have a more narrow view of sanctified language than the Bible. This is a problem. 

This week we are joined by our friend and brother, Andrew, to discuss the godly use of satire.