Our "green waste" bins here in Sacramento County, California sometime this year became "organics" bins. Sound familiar? And yes, the bins actually are green. Ours are old and still stenciled with "Green Waste", but new ones say "Organics" instead.

While the new service comes with rules that are nearly impossible to remember and follow correctly, we can use our bins now for stuff that we would not think of putting in our compost pile or down the garbage disposal.

This is in addition to the yard waste (we have no lawn, but lots of plants). It means having two compost pails in the kitchen, one still for actual compost that we turn into our pile, making great soil, and another for smelly yuck like eggshells and bones, and food waste containing seeds. We give that to the county, mixed with our yard waste.

We're happy, and the compost pile is happy. What could be the problem? (We're not going to ask where all the yuck finally ends up.)

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