Feb 15, 2021 • 43M

Sphere Sovereignty

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Alexander Kloosterman
Exploring what it means to live under the reign of Christ, and rule over creation in His name.
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God has ordained various 'sphere's of responsibility and authority in culture, and it is the Christian's duty to recognize and uphold them. These 'spheres' are meant to exist in harmony with one another; not in opposition to one another.

We cannot live faithfully, loving both God and neighbour, if we have a deficient or dysfunctional view of the various spheres God has ordained for human flourishing; the individual, family, church, and government. 

We live in a time when all responsibility (and authority) is being delegated to one particular sphere: the government. 

Christians, however, must recognize the limited, God-ordained role of the government, without dismissing the legitimate, God-ordained role of the individual, the family, and the Church.