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Local Duties and Lesser Magistrates

Local Duties and Lesser Magistrates

Christians need to prioritize their immediate responsibilities, including local politics.

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Since the pagan worldview is built upon the accumulation and wielding of power, they naturally gravitate towards positions with the most power. And they tend to subsume all other spheres of authority under the ‘highest’ authority; in most cases, the State.

Christians, however, recognize the importance of every sphere of life, and the biblical priority of what is immediately in front of us: our own hearts, our families, our actual neighbours, churches, businesses, etc.

Practically, this local emphasis means we ought not be consumed with federal politics, but rather, take responsibility in our own local setting. This includes praying for and encouraging Christians to take up the role of lesser magistrate at the municipal level, which is also an effective buffer against State tyranny.

This week we are joined by Pastor Jacob Reaume of Trinity Bible Chapel in Waterloo to discuss these issues, and how Christians can actively participate in politics at a local level.

Many Christians, including us, don’t really care to be involved in politics, and find the whole scene kind of shady. But if we surrender the entire field to the pagans, it’s only going to get worse.


For those in the Kitchener-Conestoga region, there is a Christian brother worth considering for your support:

Register for our upcoming conference, ‘A Call to Build’, in Peterborough, ON, February 8-10. Pastor Jacob and others will be speaking:

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