Mar 17, 2021 • 44M

Liberty, Human Flourishing, and Christian Love

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Alexander Kloosterman
Exploring what it means to live under the reign of Christ, and rule over creation in His name.
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In the past year, the world has experienced restrictions to human freedoms on a scale that has, perhaps, never been experienced before.

Just as concerning as these restrictions to human freedom is the response to the restrictions, or lack thereof. 

Often, advocating for human freedom is viewed as fundamentally selfish; even dangerous to the greater good. But this betrays a profoundly unbelieving and regressive view of human flourishing, and the role freedom plays in that. 

Sadly, the Church in Canada has often perpetuated the lie that we can love our neighbour by robbing them of their liberty. This is unbiblical, unloving, and historically naive folly. 

The Gospel, however, is the foundational solution to all slavery, and produces the kinds of people who love their neighbour enough to care about their freedom, even if it is costly to themselves. 

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