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Arrested Pastor, Scoffing Christians, and Being Ashamed of Jesus

Arrested Pastor, Scoffing Christians, and Being Ashamed of Jesus

In this episode, we discuss the recent arrest of Pastor James Coates of Grace Life Church in Alberta. Pastor James faithfully executed his duties as a shepherd of Christ's flock, and was imprisoned for it.

Sadly, many Christians have joined the chorus of the world's accusers. This event has further revealed the deep hypocrisy and unbelief in the Canadian Church, as well as muddled thinking and biblical illiteracy.

The bible exhorts Christians to  honour such men, share in their sufferings, and not be ashamed of Christ.

Thankfully, Jesus Christ died for cowards and failures, like the Apostle Peter. He was preserved by Christ, and given a ministry of testifying to the rulers and authorities. 

May God have mercy on us. Pray for Pastor James and his family.

Show Links:


Pastor James Coates preaching from Romans 13 on the Role of Government:

Ways to reach out to advocate for Pastor James:

Searle Turton, MPP ( – This is the member of provincial parliament for the region James is in.

Dane Lloyd, MP ( – This is the member of federal parliament for the same region.

Here is the contact info for the courts handling James’ case:

Here is the contact info for the Crown overseeing James’ case:


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Peter Hitchens reciting 'Into My Heart an Air That Kills' by A.E. Housman

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